Tasting Notes and Review Guidelines

A very wise man, teacher and incredible mixologist once told me about a conversation he had with Gary Regan. The conversation took place during a tasting class where the men discussed the best way to describe the taste of a spirit.

During this class, Gary requested that the tasters use three adjectives to describe the flavor profile. After some consideration, I determined that A Muddled Thought should take inspiration from this concept. When describing the flavor profile of any spirit it will be done in Gary’s vein and expounded upon, when needed.

Beyond describing my experience with the spirit how am I going to rate it?

Each will be given numerical score from 1-10, with half-points being included. Half-points will only be used when a spirit comes close to a score but misses it slightly. It is all in the details and comparisons to other spirits it its category; half-points allow you to determine how a number of spirits in a particular category contrast before you chose which to enjoy.A Score of 10 will indicate a perfect spirit experience. A rating of 1 will be something that should have not produced and an item that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy to imbibe.

The purpose of A Muddled Thought is to explore the world of mixology. Not all spirits will be rated with a score, only those that are reviewed as a stand-alone. You will surely read reviews of scotches, bourbons, the occasional rum, and tequila, since those are what I am personally most inclined to drink.

I hope you enjoy my reviews moving forward.