A look at Black Grouse Blended Whisky.

by halw

What happens if you take Famous Grouse, a blended whisky that’s made by combining whiskies such as Highland Park and Macallan and add an Islay component to the final blend? A spirit such as Black Grouse comes to life.

And comes to life it does, from that first aroma that hits you and is filled with the presence of apricots, pears, apples and cocoa it instantly grabs your attention even before you take that first sip.

Black Grouse begins with a soft feel in the mouth that’s filled touches of smoke caramelized seasalt, black pepper, coconut, vanilla, and orange cream that leads into a finish filled with brandied cherries and sweet milk chocolate and touches of cardamon basil.

As the experience of Black Grouse comes to an end it ends with it kisses your palate with touches of smoked cocoa.

Bird of Prey. A combination of Black Grouse, Ramazzotti, Bonded Apple Jack and Vanilla Syrup.

Bird of Prey
1 3/4oz Black Grouse
¾ oz Bonded Applejack
½ oz Ramazzoti Amaro
½ oz Vanilla Syrup
Shake. Serve Up
No Garnish

The Bitter Cloud. A combination of Black Grouse, Allspice Dram, Cynar, Agave Nectar and Chocolate Bitters.

The Bitter Cloud
2 oz Black Grouse
½ oz Allspice Dram
½ Cynar
2 Barspoons Agave Nectar
1 Dash The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters
Burnt Orange Zest

A Scotsman's Tear. A combination of Black Grouse, Leopold Brothers Cherry Tart, Laphroaig 10 Year, Pedro Ximenez Sherry and The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters.

A Scotsman’s Tear
1 ½ oz Black Grouse
½ oz Leopold Brothers Cherry Tart
½ oz Laphroiag 10 Year
½ oz Pedro Ximenez Hidaldgo Sherry
2 Dashes The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters
Serve up
Burnt Orange Peel