A Look at the 2010 Release of Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon

by halw

Every year since 2002, Brown-Forman the company behind Old Forrester Bourbon has released a limited version of the brown spirit, dubbed Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon. Each year, master distiller Chris Morris hand selects once a year on September 2nd, a day chosen to commemorate the birthday of George Garvin Brown, the founder of Brown-Forman . The result is a distinct flavor different than that of the standard bottling of Old Forrest.

The 2010 batch, was placed in barrels on October 24, 1997. The batch made up of a total of 72 barrels was evenly matured in Brown Foreman’s Warehouse K.

The resulting bourbon hits you right away, as aromas of ripe apples, cinnamon, and allspice bring to life that feeling off a fall evening spent sipping whiskey with friends.
Once you begin to take in the 2010 release of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, your palate is hit with notes of orange peels, cardamom, allspice, cherries so ripe you can picture yourself chewing on them. Hints of sweet soft cocoa occasionally appear, along with toffee, hazelnut, something resembling graham crackers, and vanilla.

As that last drop of brown spirit trickles down your throat, that taste of sweet graham crackers and vanilla appears once again.

Available in stores now, Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon is bottled at 95 proof and retails for $49.99

Final Score: 9/10