Spirited Father’s Day Suggestion-A Look at Talisker 10 Year and Glenkinchie 12 Year

by halw

After looking at a few different spirits in our Spirited Father’s Day coverage over this past week, we’re wrapping up with two final whiskies from the Classic Malts family of whiskies. With a range that includes brands such as Singleton, Dalwhinnie, Glenkinchie and Lagavulin, the portfolio’s whiskies range from $36.99 with Singleton 12 Year Old(taken a look at here) to the Lagavulin 16 priced at $89.99(taken a look at here).

Our last two spirits both come in right around the fifty dollar price point and won’t take leave much of a dent on your wallet come gift giving time.

First up, hailing from the Northwest Coastal Isle of Skye, is Talisker 10.

Upon opening the bottle of Talisker 10, you’re hit with a nose filled with aromas of fiery oranges and soft cocoa.
Once you bring this intriguing whiskey to your lips, it tugs at your palate and introduces itself with hints of sea salt, black pepper, and lime with glimpses of sweet cherries,. Notes of smokey hazelnut lead into a finish reminiscent of what would happen if you combined cocoa and bacon, and created a new flavor taking the best characteristics of both flavors.

Talisker 10 Year old retails for $49.99

Final Score 9/10

Our second whisky from the Classic Malts family, is Glenkinchie 12. Coming to us from the lowland regions of Scotland, Glenkinchie is aged in American Oak Refill casks(casks used previously to age American whiskey) and while it hints at peat here and there throughout each sip, it’s a slightly softer whisky than that of Talisker 10 Year old.

Glenkinchie 12 year old opens up with touches of fresh grass, floral characters and subtle hints of spice and smoke with occasional hints of crème de menthe. A playful spirit that doesn’t take itself too seriously and manages to balance light notes with just the right touch of subtle seductive smoke. These light yet smokey notes lead into a finish brimming with cinnamon, berries and characters of espresso.

Glenkinchie 12 year old retails for $43.99

Final Score: 8.5/10