A Spirited Father’s Day Suggestion-Laphroaig 18

by halw

After taking a look at Four Roses Bourbon and the Johnie Walker line of Blended Whiskies earlier in the week, we now come to one of the greats of Islay Whiskies, Laphroaig 18.

Laphroaig, the infamous Islay whisky- What’s the first thing you think of when you hear, this? Is it a hearty, yet pleasantly defined smokey spirit? If so you probably haven’t had a chance to try Laphroaig after it’s been aged and bottled at 18 years. For most people who’ve tried the Islay spirit they’ve tried either the ten-year old or quarter cask offering and have instantly associated all of Laphroaig’s offerings with heaps of smoke. But what happens if you give that same spirit a few more years, or eight to be exact in the barrel? You end up with an oh so lovely whisky in the form of Laphroaig 18.

Those added eight years, seem to mellow that smokiness that most people associate with an Islay whisky such as Laphroaig. And at the same time bring out so many more flavors and nuances.

With that first sip of Laphroaig 18 seductively smooth notes of melted chocolate overwhelm your entire palate. Hints of peaches and occasional notes of lavender appear in the background with sea salt, allspice and a light mellowing presence of smoke leading you through each sip with a finish of fresh grass, burnt orange zest and hazelnut.

With such well developed flavors and just a tad bit of smoke within each sip, Laphroaig 18 manages to still maintain a bit of that ballsiness that Laphroiag has become known for, while gaining a bit of mellowness from that added time in the barrel.

With a Retail Price of $140, this is something that can be sipped with friends, family and doesn’t break the bank when it comes to a gift for Father’s Day.

Final Score: 9.5/10