A Spirited Father’s Day Suggestion-A Look at the Johnie Walker Portfolio

by halw

Johnnie Walker, the blended whiskey known for its infamous label system. Five bottlings, five colors. With Father’s day around the corner, the Johnnie Walker portfolio seems to have an offering available to fit any price point. Starting in the low twenty-dollar range all the way up to the two hundred dollar price range. Depending on what kind of flavor your dad prefers, you should be able to find something that fits the glass of any whisky loving dad.

Starting with Johnnie Walker Red, coming in at about $23 per bottle, the spirit is created by blending approximately thirty different young single malts including youthful impressions of Caol IIa, and Talisker together with grain whisky. The blending of these thirty whiskies leads to Johnnie Walker inheriting a flavor profile that starts off with notes of smoke and cinnamon that slowly mellows into hints of caramel, candied apple and pears. Upon bidding your palate adieu Johnnie Walker Red finishes with hints of cocoa, hazelnut and the minute presence of marshmallows.

Final Score: 8.5/10

Moving along to the next Johnnie Walker offering, we come to Johnnie Walker Black priced at $34 per a bottle, and is blend of roughly 40 whiskies including Talisker and Cardhu that aged 12 years or more. Once you get past that description and allow Johnnie Walker Black to hit your palate, your greeted with the soft seductive allure of smoke dancing on your tongue which slowly transforms into playful candy-like notes of caramel, slight touches of menthol, and black licorice. The final presence of Johnnie Walker black on your palate is touches of heat, candied oranges and crème brûlée.

Final Score: 9/10

Johnnie Walker offers a gift pack that includes four out five of its bottlings. The one that they happen to leave out is Johnnie Walker Green. Why you might wonder. Well it’s a bit different than the rest of its siblings. While the Red, Gold, Black and even Blue offerings are blended whiskies, the Gold, she’s a bit different. Rather than a blended whisky(which uses grain whisky as a component), Johnnie Walker Gold is a blended malt.

What that translates to is that it’s actually a combination of four single malts that have each been aged for fifteen years. These four single malts include such whiskies such as Cragganmore, Talisker, Caol Ila and Linkwood. The results of blending these four whiskies together is a spirit that opens with minute touches of fiery black pepper that as it slowly spices up the palate is softened by mellow yet smokey notes of sweet pears. As you continue to take in the whisky, these notes of sweet pear slowly morph into characters of sweet milk chocolate. Johnnie Walker Green closes out with additional touches of heat ,notes of vanilla and further notes of luscious milk chocolate. Johnnie Walker Green is priced at $60 per bottle.

Final Score: 9/10

If your seeking something slightly more matured than the 12 old whiskies that make up Johnnie Walker Black or even the 15 year old whiskies that comprise Johnie Walker Green, then the Gold might just what you’re looking for. Priced at $85 per bottle, Johnnie Walker Gold is a blending of 15 different whiskies each aged at least 18 years and in n our opinion the most impressive of the entire range. From that first sip Johnnie Walker Gold notes of vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut combine to create the picture of something akin to the perfect desert combination. After tasting through the first three Johnnie Walker offerings, I was taken back with the different personality that the Gold possessed.

While the entire Johnnie Walker family is palate pleasing, the Gold offering is something that defines the term exquisite.
Once your palate begins to take in these for mentioned flavors, notes of honey,and the subtle presence of smoke before ending with a finish filled with notes of ripe pear, cinnamon and additional touches of vanilla.

Final Score: 10/10

We now come to the final Johnnie Walker offering, Johnnie Walker Blue. Recognized around the world as an incredibly elegant spirit. With a price of $220 per bottle it’s meant for those individuals that appreciate the rarer spirits. Created by an undisclosed blending of rare whiskies, with each bottle numbered, it definitely stands up and shows your palate who’s in charge throughout each sip.
Before you even pour yourself a glass, once you’ve begun to open the bottle your hit with a nose filled with elegant and defined notes of sweetness.

Once you get past this nose, your greeted with a scotch that begins with touches of baked apples that segues into nuances of cocoa, hazelnut and sweet honey that finishes with more of those sweet honey notes and a mild hint of peat .

Johnnie Walker Blue fits the bill if you’re looking for a truly complex whisky that as you take each sip begins to reveal further characters to your palate.

As an added bonus, Johnnie Walker Blue is offered with personalized engraving around Father’s Day as well as Christmas. More information about personalized engraving can be found here.

Final Score:9.5/10

Editors Note:While we recognize the rarity of the whiskies that go into Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Gold Label with an equally impressive flavor profile and lower price point was our favorite of the entire Johnnie Walker Portfolio.