Some time spent watching Ice Melt-A Look at Glace Ice.

by halw

Ice, it’s a big component of any drink. If your ice is of poor quality it will melt to fast and dilute that tasty cocktail or seductive spirit you’re relying on to help enjoy your night out.

So what are your options?

Well, if you happen to be sitting at one of the many magnificent cocktail dens that have been popping up all over, you’re in luck. You’ve got a few options, such as Kold Draft Ice, or ice that’s been chipped and carved fresh to fit your drink by everyone’s favorite person, the bartender.

But what if you want something that adds a bit of sexiness to your spirit and retains that nice slow melt that marks a quality piece of Ice?

Enter Glace Ice, a pre-packaged 2.5 inch sphere of ice made from purified water. Targeted at the high-end consumer and bar or club looking to upgrade their drink presentation, Glace’s spheres of ice definitely comes off impressive in appearance.

Glace on the Left, along with a piece of Ice made in a cupcake tray.

So putting appearance aside how does it stand up in a real taste?

We took one piece of Glace ice and one piece of ice that we made in a cupcake tray and compared the time it took for them both to melt. Over a period of about an hour the Glace had a slower melting rate over this time period than the large piece of ice made in a cupcake tray. In fact after a while, the cupcake tray ice melted completely while there was still a minor amount of the Glace ice left.

The Glace glass still has some ice left, whereas the glass with the homemade ice no longer does.

With pricing of about $8 per sphere, Glace isn’t really targeted at the mixology crowd, but is rather aimed at the club, high-end whisky bar or the home spirits enthusiast who really wants the best ice that you can buy and doesn’t want to have to rely on making it themselves.

Pricing is as follows:

A bag of five Glace Spheres:$40

A bag of ten Glace Spheres:$80

And for 240 Spheres:$1440