A Look at Delaware Phoenix Walton Waters Absinthe

by halw

Delaware Phoenix Walton Waters Absinthe

Delaware Phoenix Walton Waters Absinthe

In my opinion, the story behind some of the absinthes we’ve looked at so far, adds something to each offering. While I’m all for imbibing in a product of quality, if it has some sort of interesting tale behind its production, I’m more than likely to go for that offering over one that just comes from a factory and while it could be just as good it has no interesting tale attached to it.

Delaware Phoenix is just one such absinthe. To be honest I had my doubts when I contacted Cheryl Lins for a review sample for this article. I had my concerns of a product coming for a smaller company and what kind of quality and taste I’d be presented with. My concerns were for naught, Cheryl knows how to produce a highly impressive specimen of absinthe.
The story behind how this came to be is as follows.

Lets go back nine years to the year, 2000. Cheryl comes across a photo in an art magazine announcing the return of absinthe. For the next years, she found no further mention of absinthe until 2006 when Cheryl came across an article on Ted Breaux and how he had begun making absinthe in France using alembic pot stills.

A few days later Cheryl set out to obtain a sample of absinthe from Europe. One hundred dollars later, she had obtained a bottle to taste.

After falling in love with absinthe, and realizing that each bottle was around one hundred dollars shipped from Europe, Cheryl began to research the proper methods of creating the substance herself.

After studying the how’s and whys of distilling absinthe and starting to distill absinthe for her own use she had the opportunity to visit the Tuthilltown Distillery in Upstate NY. It was at this point that Cheryl began small batching what is now known as Delaware Phoenix absinthe for the masses.


Okay so the story behind Delaware Phoenix is interesting, but does it taste as good as you said it did?

Cheryl has managed to create a very well balanced example of absinthe in that each sip has notes of anise, fennel and lemon working in perfect unison.

When you realize that Cheryl and Cheryl alone handles all the entire company from distillation to bottling, labeling and shipping, you appreciate each handmade sip more.

Final Score: 9/10